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Why Choose SBCI?

For Ontario school boards that wish to improve efficiencies, decrease their costs, and mitigate the negative impacts of absenteeism, SBCI – a member-owned not-for-profit co-operative – provides expert attendance support, health & safety, and workers’ compensation consulting services!

Through our industry-leading knowledge and collaborative approach, we work to make schools safer, healthier, and more productive.


Benefits of becoming a member of SBCI:


Provision of advice and guidance from a comprehensive team of experts


Decreased costs, improved efficiencies, and reduced absenteeism


Provincial leaders in school board data analysis and benchmarking


Access to a wealth of private resources

Join our over 70 members and start unlocking the benefits of our solutions, private resources, and learning opportunities today.

  • As someone newer to the Health & Safety role, SBCI has always been there to support me! Their service is unbelievable! Without them I would not be where I am today!

    Tabatha Leonard, Health and Safety Officer, Hastings and Prince Edward DSB

  • SBCI's consultants are highly knowledgeable and provide timely personalized service to our board regarding WSIB, Health & Safety and Attendance Support/Disability Management related issues.

    John Bakich, Disability Management Officer, Lakehead Public Schools

  • We worked with SBCI to help us promote a comprehensive approach to promoting mental health for our entire staff group. We would recommend this program to other school boards and organizations.

    Joan Carragher, Director of Education, PVNC Catholic School Board