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Health and Safety Program Evaluation Phase 1

There are a number of standards, both national and international, for Health and Safety Management systems, the most recent being CSA Z45001-2019. Although individual elements vary within the standards, there are a number of common tenets or pillars, one being a regular audit or evaluation of the Health and Safety Program.
Historically in Ontario the WSIB Workwell Evaluation Tool has been used for this purpose. SBCI uses WSIB Workwell as a framework to evaluate school board Health and Safety practices and procedures, with a number of modifications. These modifications include separating the evaluation into 3 phases and streamlining the evaluation to concentrate on documentation while eliminating the validation steps of observation (inspections) and interviews (multiple).
This Evaluation incorporates Phase 1 elements. Phase 1 includes Program Fundamentals such as Safety Policy, Functioning of the JHSC, and compliance with First Aid requirements. The Evaluation concentrates solely on documentation. Validation via school/worksite inspections, and structured interviews are not part of the Evaluation.