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LTD 101 – Better Understanding LTD Benefits

LTD 101 - Better Understanding LTD Benefits

Who is the training session designed for?

  • Newly hired DM staff.
  • DM staff who feel they would benefit from refresher training.

What Will the Training Cover?

  • When do insurers want you to submit LTD applications?
  • What is the definition of total disability?
  • What is a concurrent claim and when should you submit one?
  • What are interrupted periods of total disability during the elimination period?
  • What decisions can an LTD Adjudicator make?
  • What is a recurrent claim and when should you submit one?
  • What is the role of vocational rehab in LTD?
  • What is your role in LTD claims?
  • What to do when an LTD claim is denied or terminated?

The training session was led by Tina Cassidy, AS Consultant, and Ayna Mulugeta, AS Case Manager, both of whom have worked extensively in the insurance industry as LTD Adjudicators. They share with you their insights and experience in working with LTD carriers such as Equitable Life, OTIP, RBC, and Sun Life. Managing LTD claims is an important part of the DM Program and as such it is important to understand the group policy clauses applicable to LTD so that you can continue to work at minimizing the impacts of disability on employees through workplace support and accommodation/return to work services.